• Consumer Reports ranks Rome Memorial Hospital
    best in New York State for low C-section rates

    Rome Memorial Hospital’s goal to deliver healthy babies to healthy mothers and reduce C-section rates has earned top ranking with Consumer Reports. According to a recent report, the hospital has the lowest C-section rate in New York State.

    “Rome Memorial Hospital has earned the best ranking in the state, making our C-section rates lower than major medical centers,” said Director of Perioperative and Maternal Services, Deborah Worth, RN, MSN, MHA.

    The scores are based on C-section rates for mothers who anticipate a low-risk delivery.

    For the last several years, the physicians, midwives and nursing staff at Rome Memorial Hospital have been working together to avoid unnecessary C-sections, resulting in shorter hospital stays, reduced complications and a quicker recovery time for the mother.

    In 2012, Rome Memorial Hospital’s primary C-section rate was 5.7%, the lowest of the 20 hospitals in the region, according to Worth.

    “The proactive strategies that we’ve used to facilitate the natural progression of labor, combined with our concerted efforts to reduce early induction of labor are the reasons why our C-section rates are the lowest,” said Ankur Desai, MD, Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology.

    Rome Memorial Hospital does not induce labor before 39 weeks unless medically indicated to ensure the best outcomes for both the baby and the mother. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. It was once thought that babies born a few weeks early (between 37 and 39 weeks) were just as healthy as babies born after 39 weeks. Experts now know that babies grow throughout the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy.

    The health care team at Rome Memorial Hospital, in agreement with ACOG findings, recommends that delivery should not occur before at least 39 weeks unless there is a valid health reason or labor starts on its own. Cesarean delivery or labor induction for a medical reason means that the benefits of having the baby early outweigh the potential risks. When a pregnancy is normal and healthy, it should continue for at least 39 weeks, and it is preferable for labor to start on its own.

    “Teamwork is a key component of the birthing philosophy at Rome Memorial Hospital,” Dr. Desai said. “We have an excellent team of physicians and midwives who know when to intervene and when to wait. The nursing staff is proactive during the birthing process to help facilitate a natural birth.”

    “We encourage all women to get out of bed, to walk and use the shower to help them relax,” Worth added. “We help the mother and her partner become more involved in the birthing process, and assist them with different labor techniques.”

    In addition to Dr. Desai, babies at Rome Memorial Hospital are delivered by obstetricians Lauren Giustra, MD and Georges Akl, MD; with three certified nurse midwives, JoAnn Roberts, CNM, NP, Nancy Peek, CNM, NP, and Patricia Swagart, CNM, NP.