• Tobacco-Free Facility

    For your health and safety, the hospital is a tobacco-free facility.

    Tobacco use is prohibited in all areas owned, leased and/or operated by Rome Memorial Hospital. In addition, smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of entrances or exits to the grounds, in accordance with the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act.

    As permitted by law, a designed smoking area is located in the corner of RMH’s Employee Parking Lot 9, for the exclusive use of the guests of the patients of the Residential Health Care Facility (RHCF) and current RHCF residents who used tobacco prior to April 2, 2007, when the RHCF became a tobacco-free facility.

    Patients admitted to Rome Memorial Hospital are prohibited from using tobacco, tobacco products and devices that contain nicotine, inclusive of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). If medically appropriate, patients may be prescribed nicotine replacement therapy to help reduce withdrawal symptoms during their hospital stay. A physician order must be obtained for any and all nicotine replacement products.