• Patient praises Rome Memorial Hospital’s endoscopy unit for making colonoscopy a pleasant experience

    Although some people may be a bit reluctant to talk about having a colonoscopy, Don Kinsey was so impressed with his experience at Rome Memorial Hospital he wants to tell everyone about the wonderful staff in the hospital’s endoscopy unit.

    “From the time I walked into the hospital to when I walked out, the team was great,” Don said. “I was so impressed, I called the hospital to let them know what a great group of people they have working for them.”

    “I am a bit of a perfectionist,” the Floyd Volunteer Fire Department Chief admitted. “I want things to go smoothly and that is exactly how the endoscopy team at Rome Memorial Hospital works.”

     Don Kinsey 
    SCREENINGS SAVE LIVES – Don Kinsey encourages people to have routine colonoscopies because this simple screening saves lives by detecting colon cancer early when it is most treatable.
    Gastroenterologist Ajay Goel, MD, who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary at RMH, performed Don’s colonoscopy procedure without incident; and Don said that every member of the endoscopy team at RMH should be commended for the professional and caring way they treated him.

    First there was the paperwork, which Don said only took about 10 minutes. “Then I was escorted by a very nice and friendly staff member to the ward where I was greeted with a smile and a welcome,” Don continued. “I changed into a gown and was given a very nice warm blanket. The intake nurses were great. The made me, and my wife, feel very comfortable and positive.”

    Next, Don was moved into the room where the actual colonoscopy procedure was performed. “The nurse there took her time to explain all the things in the room and that helped me relax a bit,” Don said. “Then they gave me the medication for the procedure and ‘Good Night.’ I woke up in the other room to a hot cup of coffee and a smile. My wife was called down to join me and she was offered a beverage as well. I had a second cup of coffee, got dressed and was then escorted to my car by, once again, a very nice escort and a smile.”

    Don said that every member of the endoscopy team was very polite and professional and very caring. “They really made me feel comfortable in what can be an uncomfortable situation,” he said.

    This was not Don’s first colonoscopy and although the first procedure showed no suspicious findings, he was still a bit concerned as to what Dr. Goel might find this time. “My mother passed away from cancer,” Don explained, “That’s why I feel it is so important to have this kind of test. The earlier cancer is found the better. By the time my mother’s cancer was found, it was too late.”

    Everyone over age 50 should get a colonoscopy, and at-risk groups should start earlier. For people of average risk, a colonoscopy is recommended every 10 years, if no polyps are found.
    For most people, the colon cleansing preparation required prior to a colonoscopy is the worst part of the entire procedure. Don said that he found the prep drink a bit easier to take this time around.

    “The drink wasn’t really all that bad,” Don said. “The taste, over all, was not too bad and I used a ginger ale chaser. I think the prep was a little harder the first time since I had not experienced it before and did not know what to expect.”

    Clearing the colon is essential for a successful colonoscopy so polyps or lesions aren’t missed. With the newer preparations, patients don’t have to drink as much fluid and they are better tolerated.

    Don said that in addition to complimenting the staff of the endoscopy unit for the outstanding care he received, he wanted to share his experience so that people know that having a colonoscopy really isn’t as bad as they may fear.

    “It is important to me to talk about this so that people will know that having a colonoscopy at Rome Memorial Hospital really is easy,” Don said. “The wonderful staff there make what many people think is an unpleasant procedure, no problem at all.”

    Don says he will continue having routine colonoscopies at Rome Memorial Hospital because of the great experience he had, but more importantly he will continue to have the procedure done because finding cancer early, when it is most treatable, is extremely important to him.

    “I have a great wife and family, and a two-year old granddaughter, and I want to be around to spend my golden years with them,” Don said smiling.

    Board certified gastroenterologists Ajay Goel, M.D., and Michael Rosenfeld, M.D. perform thousands of colonoscopies a year at Rome Memorial Hospital to protect patients against cancer. Located at 1617 N. James St., Rome, Drs. Goel and Rosenfeld and Nurse Practitioner Colleen Wojcik are accepting new patients, with routine appointments available within two to four weeks. For more information, please call 337-0539.