• Rome Memorial Hospital names Andrew Bushnell, MD as new Emergency Department medical director

    Andrew Bushnell, MD., MBA, has been named the new medical director of the Emergency Department at Rome Memorial Hospital. 

    Dr. Bushnell, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. and the University of Maryland School of Medicine, did his residency at SUNY Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse.  He said he and his family are excited about the opportunity to return to Central New York.

    “I really feel that Central New York is a hidden treasure,” Dr. Bushnell said.  “We are coming back to an area that we really love.” 

    “Dr. Bushnell’s education, experience and energy will be a tremendous asset to our Emergency Department, said Basil J. Ariglio, president/chief executive officer of Rome Memorial Hospital.  “In addition to seeing patients in the ED, Dr. Bushnell will be responsible for overseeing the operation of the department and will handle physician coverage and staffing.”

    Approximately a year ago, Rome Memorial Hospital welcomed a new team of physicians to its Emergency Department; however, it’s taken approximately a year for Team Health to recruit a medical director because of the national physician shortage, Ariglio explained.

    Dr. Bushnell hopes to share his enthusiasm for Central New York with other prospective doctors.  “We need to get the word out that this is a great area to live and work,” he said. “My goal is to build upon our existing team of talented physicians and find great doctors who want to make this area their home and provide great quality care here,” Dr. Bushnell explained. 

    Dr. Bushnell has worked in emergency medicine in medical facilities in Syracuse, Cooperstown, and the Baltimore, Md. area, and was previously employed as attending physician of the Division of Emergency Medicine Department of Surgery at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vt. for the past 10 years.  In addition, he has also worked as a contracted emergency department physician in several rural Vermont hospitals.  He also served as an associate professor for the Department of Surgery Division of Emergency Medicine at the University of Vermont, College of Medicine.  He feels his years of experience in various types of facilities give him a unique perspective for his new position.

    “I have seen places that provide emergency services the right way and places that do not,” Dr. Bushnell said.  “I hope to be able to take the things I have learned from these experiences to continue to adjust the great quality care already available here and make things even better.”

    Dr. Bushnell also holds a master’s of business administration degree which he says has helped him to understand the importance of customer service in the emergency room setting.  “Customer service is truly the business we are in,” he explained.  “We have to assure that the services offered to patients not only meet their medical needs, but also their emotional needs as well.  Patient satisfaction is vital.  I want everyone that comes to the emergency department to have the best possible experience, with friendly people that take great care of them with quality medical services.”

    Dr. Bushnell says he thinks the design of the emergency department is wonderful, and as he moves forward with his plans to increase the number of patients that choose Rome Memorial Hospital for their emergency medical care he plans to work on flow issues.  “We will have to find creative ways to keep up the flow so that patient wait times are at the minimum.  I am a hard worker and will expect my team to work just as hard as I do to provide the best care in a caring and efficient manner.”

    Dr. Bushnell went into emergency medicine because he said it afforded him the greatest ability to impact patient care at the time of greatest need.

    “If people are in need of life saving measures, I want to be at the bedside,” Dr. Bushnell said.  “That is what gives me the greatest reward, providing that measure of life saving help.”