• Consumer Reports ranks Rome Memorial Hospital highest in the region for patient safety

    Rome Memorial Hospital is the top-rated hospital in Rome, Utica or Syracuse for patient safety, according to an analysis published in the August edition of Consumer Reports.

    “Rome earned the highest marks in the region and had better scores than even well-known hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General,” said Rome Memorial Hospital President/Chief Executive Officer Basil J. Ariglio.

    The safety score was based upon six categories of hospital safety including infections, readmissions, communication, CT scanning, complications and mortality. The top ranked hospital in New York State, Cayuga Medical Center, earned a score of 61. The safety scores for Central New York hospitals are:

    • Rome Memorial Hospital – 51

    • St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center - 46

    • Crouse Hospital – 46

    • Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare – 39

    • Upstate Medical University – 39

    • St. Elizabeth Medical Center – 36

    • Oneida Healthcare Center – wasn’t ranked.

    Our performance was driven largely by the work we’ve done in protecting our patients from getting infections when they come to the hospital for care,” Ariglio said. Rome was one of only 13 hospitals in the state to earn the top rating for preventing central line infections in the ICU and post surgical infections.

    “We haven’t had a single central line infection in the ICU since 2006, an impressive record that was also recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,” Ariglio said.  “We’re successful because we use evidence-based practices, invest in innovative technology, and instill a sense of pride and responsibility in every person who works at the hospital.”

    “Every day, we’re demonstrating our commitment to the patients that we serve. No hospital is perfect, but we’re always striving to improve by using national benchmarks and implementing best practices that produce the best results for our patients,” Ariglio said. 

    “In the Consumer Reports story, you’ll see that our marks weren’t as high for readmission rates and communication. But, those are areas that we were already addressing before the story even hit the newsstands,” he said.  “Our new discharge liaison nurse calls on high risk patients after they go home to guide them through their recovery. By answering questions about their discharge instructions or medications to ensure compliance, we’re able to reduce readmissions in the areas targeted by Medicare and improve communication with our patients.”

    In 2011, the hospital also took steps to reduce patients’ exposure to radiation during CT scans by investing in advanced software that reduces the radiation dose by up to 40 percent while still providing quality diagnostic images, he explained.

    Although the report notes that Rome has a higher mortality rate than other hospitals, Ariglio said “in reviewing charts what we’ve found is that patients were at high risk due to the severity or complexity of their underlying illness. When there are no treatment options or patients have made the decision to forgo any further medical care, we provide compassionate support that respects their wishes.”

    “As a community hospital, our patients trust us to know what care we can provide here at the hospital and when we need to transfer them for advanced interventions,” Ariglio said. “We are proud of our staff for their dedication and commitment to quality. We truly have exceptional people delivering exceptional care that’s gaining national recognition.”